Customer Engagement Strategies to Help Increase Conversions

Customer engagement and conversation are two things that are always paired. With customer engagement, there is always a conversation. It is through these conversations that you can get positive feedback or constructive feedback that will help your business make necessary changes or adjustments.

When you have good communication with your customers the effects for your business are endless. You get better reviews, referrals and increased customer retention. These are all good things but just how do you come up with good customer engagement strategies? In this article, we look at how your business can get that all-important customer conversation that will boost your business.

 Improve your Customer Experience

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. This means that your ability to come up with a good customer engagement strategy begins with providing an exceptional customer experience.

Customer experience begins from their first impression. If it is online then you need to make sure your customers are met with a well-functioning and up-to-date website. On social media, they need to have an interactive experience where the content is relevant and helpful.

Offer interactive Content

To create a conversation you need a good conversation starter. This means all content that your business creates needs to be relevant, helpful and above all engaging. Consider having trivia, crosswords and polls to engage your clients.

When you have such content you get your clients talking and asking vital questions that will help you build your business reputation. This will help you spread your influence beyond your immediate client base to new and potential clients.

Make your company image relatable.

Share the founding ideologies of your company. Having a mission and vision that is relatable to your clients helps your business have a human-like image as opposed to a lifeless business. Listen to your customers and assure them that they are the most important part of your business.

Encourage Reviews and referrals

When you offer a service you want your customers to tell you their honest opinion on their experience. We live in a technological world where 80% go online to read a read review before making a decision and the remaining 20% rely on word of mouth. Reviews are important and through them, you get referrals that will grow your clientele base.

Host  Virtual Customer Engagement Events

Past pandemics have shown businesses how viable it is to embrace virtual events. Most of your clients are on webinars, live Facebook or Instagram events or following their favourite influencer on TikTok. Why not take advantage of these virtual events and host one of your own where your clients will feel they have easier access to you than ever before?

Create a strategy that works for you.

Honestly, we could go and on about how you can create a beneficial communication strategy between your business and your clients. In the end, you can be as creative as you want o to be and as interactive as you want. The end goal is to be the one business that clients find easy to engage with and get the best service from.

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