Data Security

ZimWorX is HIPAA certified and uses Black Talon as the designated security partner who handles the company's cyber risk. Black Talon is a dedicated cybersecurity company that provides risk analysis to small and medium-sized businesses through the use of technology and human analysis. As part of their engagement, Black Talon is providing the following services to ZimWorX:

  • Real-Time Vulnerability management on their servers, workstations and laptops
  • External Vulnerability scans on their firewalls
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • External Penetration testing
  • Extended Detection and Response Threat Detection
  • Security Risk Assessment • Vulnerability patching and mitigation
  • Staff trained on HIPAA requirements and protocols
  • HIPAA Compliant with Data Encryption, Password Protection and Securely storing data

Data Security Team

Melinda Green

HIPAA Officer

David Humure

GTS Data Security Officer