Breaking News!!!

A recent 2022 study by the GADRW* comparable outsourcing companies specific to the dental industry, find that one company may have an unfair advantage over its competitors thus creating an imbalance in the healthcare market.

The company’s rapid growth rate to representing well over 1,000+ dental offices in 2022, after just four years, has stirred a cause for concern.

SUPPORTDDS provides services to DSO’s, small group practices, individual dental offices, healthcare IT groups, and even other supporting dental companies in the industry.

GADRW* compiled a detailed outline of the advantages they have over similar companies in the remote teams and outsourcing space. These include:

  • Team members who perfectly speak the “Queen’s English”
  • Dental trained and HIPAA certified
  • Full time team members who work only for the client (non-shared)
  • Ability to perform multiple office services
  • Majority University educated and/or master’s degrees
  • No long-term contracts
  • On-boarding in as few as 5 days from interview
  • Ability to interview and select your team member via Zoom
  • Insourced versus Off-Shore -they become part of client’s team and culture
  • Work in a Class A facility in Harare, Zimbabwe Africa
  • Active data/systems monitoring by USA based, Black Talon Security
  • Save up to 60% over comparable staffing

At the current time, there seems to be no recourse to eliminate or reduce the companies biased, one-sided, unreasonable advantages in the marketplace. GADRW* will continue to monitor as SupportDDS continues to grow at unprecedented rates.

*GADRW is a mythical organization whose acronym stands for a made-up name of Global Association of Dental Remote Workers.