Steps to selecting the right remote team member for your business

Finding new employees takes time and a substantial chunk of your resources. With the unemployment line always so long you are spoilt for choice on who your next team member is.

This long line doesn’t always guarantee to get the right team member with every pick. You need to make sure you outline the requirements of our vacancy to ensure suitable candidates apply. In this article, we look at the steps you can take to make sure you have suitable candidates for the job.

Define a job description

This makes sure that your potential candidate knows exactly what is required of them and if they meet the requirements. This makes it easier for the recruiters to assess the skills and competencies of a candidate as they will be a set description. Job titles are general but when you couple them with a well-defined job description there will be a defined list of applicants.

Pay attention to  employee referrals

One of the easiest ways to get a glimpse of the type of worker your candidate is is to contact their former or current employers. This will be first-hand information from people who have worked with your candidate and can attest to the person’s character and work ethic.

Make the most of social media.

Social media has become the medium of our time. Once you are present in a current environment then you will attract a candidate with an up-to-date skill set. Make sure your website is updated and encourage applications through this platform.

Consider outsourced teams

Through companies like ZimWorX, you have the advantage of dedicated recruitment teams that take your needs and find at least 5 candidates that best suit the vacancy.

This means you are given access to a ready-made list of candidates for you to meet, interview, select and incorporate into your team. Outsourcing can be a worthwhile solution to most recruitment matters.

The Bottom Line

There are so many factors that come into recruiting the right team member. These team members will be the building blocks of the reputation of your business. These simple strategies can help you find the right candidates to build the right team for your business.