How to Work Well With Your Team Member?

One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to hire a real estate assistant. However, you can face challenges if you hire a remote VA and do not fully integrate them into your organization. Read on for ideas to make sure you and your new real estate virtual assistant accomplish great things together.

Be Clear What You Want Done

Setting clear expectations from the get g is the best thing for you and your assistant. Uncommunicated expectation leads to disappointment and displeasure for both of you. Clarify what you expect and offer an onboarding experience that will ensure your new team member knows the role they need to feel. Do not assume they will know and have them go through an onboarding process similar to how you would welcome and equip a team member joining your office physically. While your new VA will work remotely, they are very much a part of your office, despite the distance between them and the rest of the team.

Explain How You Want Things Done

If you want your VA to work at her best be clear how you want her to carry out tasks. For instance, you may want her to make follow-up calls 3 days after seeing a client. Create a document that states this so it is easy to track whether the calls are made in a timely fashion or not. Better yet, have a checklist for daily tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Include Them in Your Activities

Morning huddles and meetings are a great way to know what is going on with each team member. While it may be shop-talk, including a team member in these helps them feel more at home in your business. It also helps give them a sense of loyalty and creates a bond with the others. You can even have team building exercises simply by having interactive Zoom calls. For instance, have a sing along or have each person showcase a task on-screen. Your imagination is literally the only limit for this. 

Allow Them Room To Grow

VAs from reputable organizations are highly educated and able to intelligently carry out their tasks. For this reason, you will soon find that their skills will develop further the longer they work with you. Use this as a benefit to your organization by giving them higher levels of responsibilities and allowing them to do more. After all, their growth as a team member advances your business growth as they are full members of your organization, and invested in the future of the business. 

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