You’ve Got Mail, And How to Stop It from Ruining Your Day

In a day, the average person sends and receives 121 business emails, according to Campaign Monitor. This means that no matter what you try you will forever be at the mercy of every service provider and product seller’s mailing program as long as you have an email address. 

And unlike physical mail which has the cathartic pleasure of being thrown unopened into the trash, digital mail is harder to deal with. Sure, most service providers give us SPAM filters and organization folders but even these need time to sort out and set up such that it’s rare for a busy business owner like yourself to do it and hence you do not entirely benefit from the feature. 

Yet remaining with interminable amounts of mail is not a good way forward. 

A better solution is hiring a virtual team member. As a business owner you have scheduling and appointment emails coming in frequently. If you do not, give us a call and hire one of our amazing social media and digital marketers so you get more business. :-)

These emails could be fresh queries, follow-ups or feedback. And each one of these can benefit from a human touch to ensure they get taken care of in a timely fashion. 

How A Virtual Assistant Can Help With Email

Random emails are a part of any practice owner's existence. These could range from people seeking general information such as whether you will be open during Labor Day or whether you take walk-in business. 

Or it could be a potential client who needs detailed information to decide whether they will work with you or not. A virtual team member can help categorize the differences and respond to urgent queries while you work. They will also forward emails that you specifically need your response. The latter is a big plus as it enables you to get on with your day without worrying you will miss out on important mail even if you do not open your mail 20 times a day.

A VA Can Clear up Your Calendar

Scheduling appointments is one of those ordinary activities that can cause headaches if not done correctly. 

You do not want to overextend yourself because some appointments were telephoned in while other scheduling was done through email. 

Neither do you want to be the practice that forgets to respond to emails. A virtual team member can assist with all these concerns as they will concentrate on your communications. And because they work exclusively on your business they will be better equipped to filter out unnecessary events and reminders, making sure your calendar is clean and in order. 

If you want a clean email box, uncluttered calendar and peace of mind working on what you do best, schedule a call with us. Our company trains and hires out some of the most well-spoken and trusted VAs in the dental practice and realty business market. While we are an American company, our VAs are highly educated and work in state-of-the-art offices in Joina City, Zimbabwe.