Which parts of your business can you outsource?

Outsourcing has proven to be an efficient business practice. it has been popularized by its ability to produce quality work at a fraction of the cost of having a team physically present to work for you. We have heard of the many benefits and reasons you should be outsourcing in 2022 but what exactly can you outsource and how does this improve your business.

Ideally, you should only outsource non-core work. These are activities that your business doesn’t necessarily specialize in. However, outsourcing has come a long way and you can start entrusting virtual team members with more and more responsibilities. This frees up your in-house employees’ time and resources to spend on the activities that you specialize in.


This has become one of the most common areas to outsource. Financials are time-consuming and need an expert but they are not done so often that you will need an in-house person. As a result, most businesses outsource their accounting to save time and money.


When it comes to marketing efforts you need a lot of resources and time to get the ball rolling. Outsourcing a marketing firm can help you push your marketing faster and at a fraction of the cost. The major advantage is outsourcing gives you trained professionals to come up with creative ideas and innovative ways to implement them.


We all have those crazy times when the phone just won’t stop ringing and you need a good sales representative to talk to and manage all those clients. You can get an individual or team to do that, manage your sales funnels and processes and close more deals through outsourcing. Get individuals that can get you more business.

IT Management

The global market for outsourced IT services is estimated at $85.6 billion per annum. This shows you just how many businesses have come to entrust their IT support to outsourcing companies and virtual teams.

Administrative Tasks

Virtual assistants have proven capable of handling everything from inbox management and scheduling to social media management. This and the fact that they offer high-quality work at a fraction of having an in-office team makes them a good option for administrative tasks.

Customer Service

For any business getting clients is key to success. Luckily for you, there are processes in place to have outsourced help for your customer services.

Human Resources

Human resources encompass any tasks in your business related to hiring, onboarding or managing your team. Bring in qualified candidates for a new position.


Many specialists recommend outsourcing for minor business processes. Outsourcing has evolved over the years and you can now get business support for almost every aspect of your business.

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