The impact of women in the Real Estate Business

March is international women’s month. In light of this, we have taken the time to appreciate the many amazing women who have contributed, shaped and made the real estate industry the success it is today.

From the early 1900s, more and more ladies began to become brokers and agents. Today women make up the majority of successful real estate leadership. In this special article, we look at some of the most prominent and influential women in the Real Estate business.

Women realtors are dominate

In the last few years, women have on average made up 67% of the real estate industry. This shows the impact that women have come a long way in being thought leaders and determining the success of the real estate industry.

Women are becoming property owners

In today’s world, it isn’t surprising to find a woman who owns the property. Women have come a long way to enjoy this right. Single females are 5% more likely to own a home than their single male counterparts. This means women have proven to not only be capable of managing the real estate business but also capable of being homeowners as well.

There is still a long way to go.

Although women are in the majority of the real estate industry, there is still a long way to go in balancing their representation in Real Estate leadership. A report found women currently occupy only 9% of C-level positions in commercial real estate, but about 32% of women realtors have their sights set on the C-suite. This number is a 4% increase in women who aspire toward the executive level in the past five years.

Tips from women realtors.

We support women in real estate and believe there are many ways they can better their efforts to make the real estate business better. There are some female realtors who have provided useful tips for female real estate agents' success.

Find a mentor

You cannot do this alone, find someone to help you navigate and advise you through the real estate business. Diane Danielson said, “Women need to find their allies (male and female), and have a diverse board of advisors throughout their career.” Allies in the form of peers or mentors can help you get through tough times in a tough industry.

Build authentic

You need to have a personal brand that stands out.  This will be the image you will be identified by and that will be your signature brand. Protect this brand personally and legally as you want to have something that will stand the test of time.

Lead by example

The real estate business is challenging. As a woman in this business, you need to make sure your every action sets a good example to all those around you Polly Watts of Sundae Homes stated, “Successful women inspire more successful women.”

Invest in new technology.

Today’s world depends highly on technology. Invest In online platforms and social media so that your brand is present to all your potential clients. Expand your reach in the industry and promote your business.

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