Reasons to Buy Refurbished Dental Imaging Equipment

One of the best things you can do is provide your team with the resources they need to produce their best work. But what do you do when your financial options are limited? Read this to see how refurbished equipment may be a good solution for you.

1. Debt and expense reduction

One of the biggest concerns when looking to replace or add to your dental equipment is the cost. A particularly sensitive budget will often not be able to withstand the pressures of buying brand new equipment. In addition, the purchase may divert funds from other expenses the practice cannot afford to neglect such as salaries and the cost of keeping equipment sterile. 

2. Avoid faulty brands

Refurbished and older equipment are safer buying options as they are often tried, tested and true. By the time you get a refurbished piece of equipment you can be sure that the brand and make have withstood the test of use and time. An added benefit is that you can skip recalls which sometimes happen with newly released brand models. An additional recertification process works to improve the machinery as it means it can perform its original function the same as a new unit would.

3. Reduced risk

Used machinery can be risky unless you buy the right one. Be sure that when you buy you opt for recertified, refurbished equipment from reputable sellers. Also knowing the difference between used, refurbished and recertified is also important as each means something different to the quality of equipment you purchase.

4. Helps your practice go green 

Reusing old equipment helps your company go green. Using refurbished digital imaging equipment helps you reduce your environmental impact without having to make greater changes that may be difficult to implement within your organization.

What Other Options Do You Have?

You could also choose to lease dental digital equipment. However leasing means you will have a recurring expense in your budget and you will also be liable for any damage to the equipment during the lease term. Owning the equipment is a better option as you will not be answerable to a third party for its state. Moreover leasing generally has a higher overall cost than buying outright.