Why You Should Hire a Customer Service Assistant During Downturns

Economic slowdown and downturns are a worrisome event that can either make or break a business. It does not matter if you are a large or a small practice, both are equally affected. But what if we told you that the usual wisdom of ducking low and reducing your staff is wrong?

Yes, quite wrong. 

You see there are times when applying cost reduction can help you stay afloat. For instance when you must stop subscribing to your favorite movie-streaming service or when you need to stop drinking your favorite barista’s coffee and make do with office brewed coffee. 

But when it comes to business there are some people you cannot let go of. And there may even be a few roles you will want to hire for. We will focus on why you should hire a Customer Service Assistant to keep your business going in difficult times.

Customer services are at the core of most businesses and, according to Bain & Company, better customer service experiences can lead to revenues between 4% and 8% above their market. 

Why Customer Service Experience Matters to Your Bottom Line 

Better customer experience also has the benefit of spreading word of your stellar work without having to push an advertising budget to the messaging. People who enjoy your service are more likely to become promoters of your business. Such people will be more likely to leave favorable business reviews which will improve your brand’s credibility. Naturally this matters most when you factor in that 90% of customers’ purchase decisions are influenced by positive reviews. Similarly, brands with fairly good experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue and the loyal customers gained generally have a lifetime value higher than that of detractors by as much as 6 to 14 times

By the same token a bad experience can make the same people detractors from your brand, and this can have irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation and name. And if you think it is not important, know that brands that have poor customer service experiences are part of the $75 billion/year loss experienced by businesses.

Get Someone to Amplify Your Message and Improve Your Revenue

Your business is the bee’s knees of the industry. You change lives with what you do and have plenty of people who enjoy your service. Unfortunately if you do not have an online marketing presence it may be hard for people to recognise your stellar work. 

A virtual customer service assistant can help you fulfill many tasks associated with improving your customer’s experience. Some of the tasks they may carry out include:

  • Developing, proofreading and editing emails
  • Interacting with customers and prospects 
  • Recording and responding to feedback and messages
  • Administering surveys

Surveys are especially informative as they show you where there are gaps and opportunities for improvement within your operations. It will also show you how well you are doing and help boost your team’s morale. 

Wrap Up

There are many other benefits to having a virtual assistant monitor and manage your customer experiences. Some of these include accounting, administrative assistance as well as filing. 

If you want to improve your customer service experience, schedule a call with us. Our company trains and hires out some of the most well-spoken and trusted VAs in the dental practice and realty business market. While we are an American company, our VAs are highly educated and work in state-of-the-art offices in Joina City, Zimbabwe.