Does your virtual team member have the right tools?

ZimWorX offers top-tier, remote team members, through its outsourcing services. As such we need to equip them with the right tools to make them invaluable additions to your team. These teams achieve this by having the right tools so they can meet their targeted tasks. We look at which management tools your remote team members will be making use of.

Project management

Keeping a well-maintained project management regimen helps you keep an effective virtual team. you and your team manager can keep track of the work done by your virtual team members.

When you get a remote team member from ZimWorX you can make use of management software like ZohoClickUp AsanaWrike, and Trello to keep remote teams on track by allowing users to assign tasks, set deadlines, create status updates, and quickly review a project’s progress in an all in one, simple-to-use application. With these management tools, you can see what your teammates are working on. 

Video conferencing

Having a team member working on a remote platform does not mean you can’t see them. ZimWorX makes sure all virtual team members have access to ZOOM an online video conferencing software to help you keep in touch with team members. 

This helps you make successful collaborations with your team members as you can express the requirements of your work in an in-depth manner. Video conferences also help to better intergrade your virtual team member into your existing team. This will help you have a well-rounded team that will work productively and efficiently. 

Team messaging

Communication is key to the success of any team. Your team need to be able to send and receive files with your remote team member at any given time. To solve this ZimWorX equips team members with the RingCentral app. This allows you to easily communicate and see the availability of your team member. 

Cloud services 

Data security is an important part of any business. Giving access to sensitive information makes many business owners uneasy as they feel the security of their data will be compromised.

ZimWorX goes above and beyond to make sure your data is secure. They have access to a remote saver that Is under military-grade standard firewalls. In addition, remote team members use collaboration tools like Google Drive and Microsoft 365 these allow users to store, share, and collaborate on files and folders from any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

The right working environment 

The difference between an efficient remote team member, and a bad one can be as simple as the environment they work in. ZimWorX provides all virtual team members with a state-of-the-art workstation in an A-class business in Harare, Zimbabwe’s city centre. With this environment comes a reliable internet connection, computer, canteen, air conditioning and every office accessory your remote team member will need. 

The right tools make all the difference

Giving your remote team member the right tools for them to work is the key to the successful integration of remote team members into your business. ZImWorX is dedicated to giving businesses the right team members at affordable rates to grow businesses all over the world.