TikTok, what is it and why does your dental business need it.

Social media is the best marketing medium of the 21st century. With a variety of platforms to choose from one channel has stood out, which is TikTok. This platform has become the most popular app which sees people spending hours on it consuming a variety of content.

In this article, we will discuss why you as a dentist need to take advantage of this platform and what it means for your practice

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-focused app that gives participants unlimited ability to create, comment and share any kind of video. This allows the creator to get creative by adding filters, music and a host of add-ons to their video.

Watching these short videos has become a favourite pastime for many people. This platform offers users the freedom to get creative, interact and even earn a living through unique content creation.

Why should you look into TikTok?

The diversity of the Audience on TicTok makes it the perfect platform to place your material on. Content on TikTok is not limited so you can have varied content types on your channel. Educate, inform, market and entertain your current and potential patients through TikTok.

To put things in perspective let's look at a few numbers

Why should dentists and dental businesses get on TikTok?

TikTok has a lot of passive users, these are users who simply go to view content in the hope of finding something that will tickle their fancy. This audience also happens to be the age demographic that usually makes up most of your paying dental patient list.

A dentist can have targeted content that is unique and interactive. TikTok offers a direct channel of communication between the dentist and patients.

How to stand out on TikTok

Make sure your profile stands out

Creating a good profile starts with choosing a good username. This sounds easy enough but you need to make sure your username is not so common due to availability or association with the wrong business.

In addition to this, you want to pick a good profile picture. This could be in the form of your logo or any familiar feature that your patients can identify you with.

To further strengthen your profile you will need to link your profile to any other existing social media accounts you might have.

Use hashtags

Though not a must, hashtags help users find you or your content easier on TikTok. Adding multiple hashtags means your content is more relevant and appears on more searches.

To make this process easier for you we  can break down hashtags into  3 groups

  1. Location-based hashtags for example #texas #livefromArgyle or #iloveTexas. This will let your audience know where you are and how they can connect with you.
  2. Interest-based hashtags like #widersmiles #DEOwebinar #Dykema create an interest in your content. Not everyone knows what they will be looking for from the start.
  3. Trending hashtags. These are time-based as they are determined by what is the most popular occurrence.

 Always ask for reviews

Reviews and interactions from your audience are as important in TicTok as it is anywhere else.  TikTok allows your audience to comment on your material, pay attention to these comments and respond to as many as not all of them.


TikTok is a diverse marketing platform that every dentist needs to add to their Social media marketing mix. It offers patients the ability to spread the word faster and further. Get in touch with your audience and introduce those on the fence to your new profile and all the interesting content it has to offer.


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