Revamp the way you outsource in 4 easy steps

There have been many discussions about the good and the bad of outsourcing. We could join the argument and present our facts but we thought we would do something different.

In this article, we will look at how you can make the most of your outsourcing efforts for a better running business. We hope after reading this you will have a firm decision on whether outsourcing is the best practice for your business.

What do the numbers say?

Research has proven that hiring a full-time employee can cost you 50-100% above the agreed-upon salary. This means that while your chosen salary bracket is set you still have catered to an employee's expenses, transport, health care and so much more which will amount to a pretty penny over time.

Outsourcing on the other hand has proven to save businesses up to 71% in expenses. With outsourcing your team member is on a virtual system so they will have most of their expenses catered to in a once-off payment.

Efficiency and productivity

Setting up a good working environment is key to making sure your team is efficient and productive. Employing an in-house team member means you have to cater to office costs, infrastructure, hardware, and all the tools they may need while working.

There is a noticeable difference when it comes to outsourcing. Companies like ZimWorX will provide a virtual team member with a state-of-the-art workstation for an agreed fee. In addition, they provide world-class internet and data security.

Outsourcing with a business partner like ZimWorX also means you are relieved from constantly monitoring your virtual team member. There is a set system of account managers ( Account Resource Managers or ARMs ) that make sure your team member is working efficiently and conducting themselves professionally at all times.

Do you get the same quality of employees?

Salary rates are always a sore point when hiring an individual. The higher the education and experience the more a candidate feels entitled to a higher wage bracket and benefits. This means finding the right candidate at the right wage bracket for you can be a tall order when hiring.

With outsourcing, you get limitless access to a qualified and skilled labour force from anywhere in the world.  ZimWorX has located its head office in Harare Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is known as one of the most literate countries in Africa. This means it is rich in educated human resources for you to choose from.

Which should you choose and why?

Business needs stability and efficiency. This means you need a person you can rely on to produce quality work on time every time. Whether you are working on a one-time project or need to have support for your team in the long term, we advise you to pick a reliable service provider that you can hold accountable. We strongly recommend outsourcing dedicated virtual team members


Dedicated teams allow you to grow your business and get more time. Accomplish more of your personal and business goals when you have a team member that is on call when you need them.