How to Claim Work-Life Balance with a VA

Work and life balance may seem like a fad or a luxury depending on your role as an executive or an entrepreneur running a dental or realty practice. In fact, the more you hear that phrase the more you shut your ears to it as it does not apply to you. How can it with all the paperwork, presentations and calls you need to make in a day. But what if we told you it is possible? 

That you can claim both success and balance in your everyday life by doing just one thing today.

Hire a Virtual Assistant. 

What is a virtual assistant?

A VA is a special position held by an individual with great organization and communication skill. While there are different types of roles, we especially value VAs with discretion, great time management skills and an incredible ability to complete tasks on time. While this is not the dictionary definition, this is what our specially trained VAs bring to your business. 

Why Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

In this decade, the ones who DIY their work singlehandedly are hailed as work heroes. But while this sounds good it comes at a cost that is both unhealthy and unhelpful, especially if your goal is to expand your business and scale it into an even bigger practice. For this reason, applying Morgenstern’s work smarter, not harder principle is the best way to get on with things. Why not hire someone to set up your calls and manage your calendar? Or get them to do follow up on both paperwork and emails that threaten to drown you. And while your VA may not be able to get you a cup of Joe, they will help you need less coffee as the stressful but mundane work will be handled for you already.

Are Virtual Assistants New to the Industry?

The role of the virtual assistant is not a new one though the tasks they can help you with have been expanding with technological advancements. 

Where you used to be limited to getting a physically present assistant you can now hire literally anyone anywhere in the world. Daunting? We agree it can be overwhelming especially if your Google search brings you a thousand-and-one options for recruiting a VA. Moreso when you see that you can get VAs from the Philippines, America and even from Zimbabwe (that’s us!). 

How Do You Choose a VA to Work With?

Start by deciding what could give you the greatest peace of mind. Then align that need with a SMART business or marketing goal. For instance, if you are concerned with improving your marketing your VA can help you with:

  • Developing social media content  
  • Designing content around events such as Tom Ferry’s Success Summit in August, 2022.
  • Responding to comments and building community on social media

Or if your business target is lead generation, then your VA could focus on: 

  • Prospecting and vetting leads 
  • Managing connection requests on LinkedIn, etc.
  • Keeping your information updated and on relevant listing platforms
  • Keeping your lead generation automations up to date 

Once you have settled on your goal you can then search the internet for a trusted VA to work with. 

If you would rather not scour the internet’s dubious sources for a remote employee, why not try us? Our company trains and hires out some of the most well-spoken and trusted VAs in the market. While we are an American company, our VAs are highly educated and work in state-of-the-art offices in Joina City, Zimbabwe. Get in touch to claim a 25th hour for your business today.