Improve your real estate business accounting in 2022

The new year is upon us and you need to start it by making sure your books are in order. Running a real state business is as much about closing sales as it is about making sure you have a well-balanced spreadsheet.

So how can you make sure that your business accounting is up to scratch? well at SupportRealty we have put together our top tips to help you make sure your real estate business accounting is done the right way.

Invest in reliable accounting management software

Accounting software helps you track all your expenses from the time you get a lead to the moment you close the deal. This means you can manage your expenses and gains down to the last cent.

Now we said reliable, this does not always mean the most expensive or the first one you hear of. Take the time to research which software best suits your needs and budget. Trust user reviews and ask as many questions on how it works, how it is paid for and if it meets your desired needs.

Customize your accounting model to suit your needs

Accounting has many models and you will find yourself tempted to just use any and every model. To get the best results and be able to plan your business future you need to pick the accounting model that most benefits your business.

With several methods to choose from you need to get expert help choosing which one best serves your business. Scheme it to the things that you need and do away with excess offers that offer no benefit to your business accounting.

Keep it all business

As your business grows so will your undertakings. As a rule, keep your transactions and your business transactions separate. Make sure there is never a time where business funds are used for personal purchases or payments.

It is easy to get carried away and short change your business when you start using business funds to finance your personal needs. Keep your business finances secure and limit their use limited to the needs of the business itself.

Have a well laid out expenditure chart.

Also called an accounting chart this shows you all the transactions you would have made. This is very important as you will see which elements of your business need attending to. This is also helpful as it allows you to plan a forecast for your business.

An accounting chart will be proof of the performance of your business. Use this chart as a record of all transactions and you will begin to see which areas of your business you need to keep spending on and which areas you need to cut on.

Make sure your books are always up-to-date.

Real estate businesses have one Achilles heel, the taxman. These revenue authorities will go into all your expenses and will expose any inconsistencies in your expenditures

These state checks happen randomly so to avoid any problems Have a system put in place that keeps your records updated at any given time. This will save you a lot of hassles when inspectors come around.

The all-in-one solution

Finding time to balance all these things while running a successful real estate business sounds either expensive or just impossible. we have a solution that is both cost-effective and efficient. Outsourcing your accounting processes to a dedicated company will help you get more time to build your business and keep your systems in check.

Outsourcing means you are getting support for the business process you need for as long as you need without the cost of a physical team member on board. This is a cost-effective way to make sure your accounting processes are handled by a professional


When done well, keeping a well-rounded accounting system will help your real estate business grow to unbelievable heights. When your finances are managed properly you can:

  • Determine the  growth rate of your real estate businesses
  • Determine possible areas of improvement
  • See the profit in a given amount of time
  • Invest in business growth.


When choosing an outsourcing partner you need to factor in the above points. This is choosing a partner that will help steer your business in a successful direction.

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