Get More Customers Through Better Customer Call Experience

Are you tired of scaring off clients with horrible call service? It's time to try our Virtual Assistants.

Picture this. Your practice is growing and people are calling you for appointments and your team is feeling overwhelmed. You know they are not just overwhelmed - they also do not like taking countless calls even though it is part of the service your practice provides. 

In a bid to help your team enjoy their workdays you hire Sana from an awesome calling center. And it works. For all of 3 days until you start getting emails from angry callers who say they could not understand a word from your calling service.

Perhaps this has happened to you before or you are afraid it may happen to you as you are considering ways of helping your team focus on doing the work they love. We believe no practice should experience this and have put together a few things to help you with your call service. 

What Should You Look For When Getting Help With Your Call Service?

Understanding Skills

One of the most important criteria for choosing your call assistant is how well they grasp what is being said to them. We all hear what the next person is saying but our levels of understanding differ. Some of the reasons for this include our prior exposure to the words spoken to us and our comprehension of the terminology used. Our own ability to match what is being said to knowledge we already have also affects how well we can then communicate with whoever is speaking with us. 

For this reason you cannot have just anyone take your calls. Your call assistant must understand specific terms in order to offer the best call experience. They can achieve this level of understanding by going through our special training program before joining you so that they understand your business better and also know how to respond to certain queries and complaints. 

Easy to Understand, and Pleasant to Talk With

We may be a little biased, but our VAs speak well. Our VAs speak with a clear British English accent that is universally understood around the world. They also use English as an everyday language unlike other countries where English is secondary to a heavily accented language with its own set of tonal differences. In addition to having a good accent, your new VA will be equipped with special training so as to better serve your clients. 

A Personalized Call Experience

One of the best things about having your own call agent is that they handle your calls exclusively. This means there is no disconnect in the calls they take as they work exclusively for you. It may not seem like much but a client will appreciate chatting with the same voice when they call. It also helps some patients feel at ease especially if they do not want to feel like they are always getting pushed from person to person without being able to develop some level of familiarity. 

If you could, would you not want to offer the personalized experience of having a person who not only recognises their voice but can stay up to date with their unique needs? This can be very hard to offer if you hire a call center. They handle hundreds of calls and it is very easy for them to treat each call as just a set of numbers to get through. 

But a Call Center Promises Affordable Service?

Of course they can. In fact, anyone offering a mass production service can make such a promise. But do you really want to offer that when you can offer a personalized calling experience to your clients? Especially when the first impression a new patient has is what they hear from the person handling your calls? 

An Assistant Who Offers Extra

Apart from the ability to communicate effectively, our VAs can assist with other tasks you can find helpful in your practice. Need to schedule follow-up treatment? They can do that. Need to find out how well your practice treated a patient? They can do that too. Just want your patients to be served with a smile they can feel through the call? That’s your new VA too.

If you ready to offer your clients a better call experience and take your practice to a higher level, reach out to our team for both short and long-term virtual outsourcing services customized to suit your business process needs.

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