How to Avoid Getting Ghosted by Your VA?

Professional ghosting is one of the negative aspects of modern communications. You take time to develop and train your virtual assistant to effectively manage specific tasks and then one day she disappears without an email or warning that something was wrong. 

While there are plenty of legitimate reasons why people fall off the earth, we believe you need to get reliable assistants to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the ways we prevent ghosting from happening when you work with us.

We train your VA

Without a dedicated certification program for VAs it can be difficult to know whether your VA is a good one or will produce sub par work. Moreover, some virtual assistants may under-estimate the amount of time required to complete tasks. When they realise they cannot fulfil their commitment to you they will do a disappearing act and it will be a while till you realize you have been ghosted. We train our VAs in the art of managing their time so that you get their undivided attention. In addition, we encourage you to make sure that your VA knows what they need to do so they can be accountable to themselves and to you. This helps them with their schedule and teaches them to communicate in time when they are overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. 

Ghosting is a harmful communication problem 

Cultural differences may keep VAs from communicating in a forthright manner. Sometimes a VA will want to avoid confrontation as they prefer peace over facing potential backlash for failing to do what they committed to. Our system reduces the likelihood of this happening as we believe in establishing multi-directional communication between VAs, their account managers and of course, you, our client. This ensures that we are always abreast of any issues that may arise and can rectify them before they become a larger problem.

Avoid ghosting by developing trust

Anything can happen on the internet and the temptation to ghost by leaving work undone and running off with the money can be great. We remove this risk by having our VA complete their work on our premises. This means that even if they wanted to ghost you, they cannot as the account manager would be there to monitor and rectify such an event. Moreover, should your VA decide they want out, we will work with you to make sure you get a replacement without disrupting your work. Ghosting averted!

Our VAs have stable working conditions

Efficiency is a two-way street and we believe VAs work best when they work on one company at a time. For this reason, all our VAs work exclusively on one company at a time, making it their core focus of everything they do. While other VA organizations may allow their VAs to multitask we just prefer the one-client-one VA approach. The single-account approach also helps ensure that any equipment or resources provided by clients are used for one purpose instead of being used to do other people's work. That said, if your company needs more than one VA you can get as many as you want working solely on growing your business.

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