All Your Questions Answered About Hiring a Virtual Assistant from SupportDDS

Outsourcing can be a trying process but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are answers to some of the concerns voiced by our new clients.

How hard will a VA work on my dental business? 

As hard as everyone else you have hired. 

Our virtual assistants are very dedicated to the companies they work for. This is because they are not just any remote working assistant but are part of your staff. The only difference between them and the rest of your team is that they work remotely and do not cost your business as much as your in-person hires. Despite this, their primary aim is to fully contribute to the success of your business. 

Will they work with other businesses? 

No. Our VAs work exclusively for you.

One of the greatest frustrations in the remote working industry is that some VAs work with multiple businesses at the same time. While the best have mastered the art of serving many masters, we offer VAs who work only on your business for as long as you need them to. This means that all their energy and focus is spent entirely on your practice. The benefit of this is fewer distractions on their time and they integrate quickly into your organization. 

Will they have the right tools and software?

We equip our VAs with everything they need to carry out their duties. When tasks related to your business operations require specialized software or hardware, we can arrange for you to deliver it here or acquire it on your behalf. 

How secure will the equipment be?

Very safe. Your team member works with the equipment provided from one location within our offices. This reduces the risk of property loss and enables them to focus on one thing - which is the tasks they are responsible to you for. 

Do they work from anywhere?

No. All our VAs work from one single location in Joina City, Harare, Zimbabwe. This reduces distraction from life’s worries and concerns. It also helps them work the same as the rest of your team, at the same hours as you.

What if they fail?

Failure can be a character flaw or a sign that something is wrong. Most of our clients are very happy with their VAs. If there is an issue with the assistant you get, we will gladly work to resolve the issue. In some cases, your VA may not be struggling due to inability to do their work but may simply be afraid to fail! This is why encourage clients to ensure team members are fully integrated and included in company events. This helps build a close relationship between your staff and create an environment where the VA feels comfortable to communicate any issues before they become problems. And if they are not a good fit? We will work with you to get someone who is.

SupportDDS is a leading Texas-based in-sourcing company that provides virtual assistants and administrative support for dental practices. We also provide both short and long term virtual outsourcing services customized to suit your business process needs.