Pastor Sam

Pastor Samuel Muzivi has vast experience in spiritual and team leadership as a former principal at a Christian college. He has great public speaking skills which come to fruition as one of the key representatives for ZimWorX. Working together with Pastor Abel it is incumbent upon them as members of the Pastoral Care Team to disseminate and promote the Growing Together Culture within the workplace. ``I cherish and celebrate belonging to a company that also seeks to make an impact in the lives of the less privileged members of society.``

Pastor Abel

Experienced Christian leader and clergyman, skilled in Spiritual Direction, Workplace Chaplaincy, Counseling, and Interpersonal Skills. Significant experience in running Christian programs as well as Community Development projects. A proponent and advocate for liberation theology. ``To know God (orthodoxy) is to do justice (orthopraxis)``.
A team player at Global BP Solutions, adding value to the organization by offering spiritual and emotional support to the office staff. A significant part of my job is transforming the workplace from simply being a place of productivity to a community that prays, learns and grows together.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects are outreach programs of ZimWorX, where we strive to make a difference in the lives of our employees and friends by letting the light of Christ shine through our actions. These programs include helping fellow employees and partners we work with as ZimWorX. Check out some of the projects we have done.
Let Them Trust

Global BP Solutions / ZimWorX continues to positively impact the community. The organization recently partnered with Ms Chido Gutu who is, the Lead Recruiter at Global BP Solutions and founder of Let Them Trust at an event held in Gutsa Village in Domboshava.
During this event, two programs were running ........

Ministry within the police force.

At the end of the last quarter, we embarked on a process of extending our sphere of impact to the policing fraternity. Today, 5 May 2021, saw us cementing our relationship with the Zimbabwe Republic Police by donating some musical, information and technology equipment and groceries to the Police Headquarters National........

A win for One is a win for many

The win-win-win mantra undergirds our Growing Together Culture. At the beginning of the year, Pastoral Care launched an incentive-based strategy with the objective of increasing participation in our programs and activities. Our pastoral care programs are tailor-made to contribute to the spiritual and other developmental ..........

Why we do what we do

“What are you discussing with each other while you walk along?” This is how Jesus entered into a conversation with the two disciples on the way to Emmaus (Lk24:13-35). They were coming from a situation of deep hurt and betrayal. Their responsorial psalm to Jesus’ conversation starter was nothing but a lucid expression of shattered hopes; we had hoped…..

Win Win Win

Our Growing Together Culture is animated by the win-win-win philosophy. We are all motivated by winning – that is a social fact. Unfortunately, this can lead to excessive competition to outdo the other. At ZimWorX, our approach to winning is not undergirded by the quest to out-do each other but rather by the desire to make........

Caring for the caregiver

On 29 January 2021 representatives of the 3 organizations, that we collaborated with within our community outreach efforts, converged at our offices in CBD. These are reps from ChengaOse Association, Triple S Centre of Hope and Nyararai Children’s Home. This time our focus was not on the disadvantaged children but on the men and women .......

End of Year Hampers

January disease gets a kick in the right place! A sample of food hampers handed to +200 members of our team, courtesy of ZimWorX management! A great gift to start 2021 on a good footing more so during the lockdown. Thanks, everyone for being part of this amazing Team! All the best as we FOCUS during 2021.

Growing Together

The Growing Together initiative is our way of promoting a positive way of life. We believe that individually we are able to make a change, and as a collective the impact is much greater. Growing Together is a culture we have instilled in the organization that promotes a positive functioning system. The culture emphasizes the importance of working together so that the business grows and prospers, so in turn, will be everyone involved in its operations. In other words, the success of the business depends on the success of its employees.

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Some of our partners

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The barbershop project

The Police Camp at Highfields is the country’s second largest police camp, housing about 600 police officers. Mike Johnson and Will Cooper went on a tour of […]

Visits to project sites

Our day started off with a trip to Triple S Centre of Hope in Domboshava. We have been to this centre several times but there was something […]

Barber / Saloon at Highfield Police Station

What you dream alone may remain just but a dream, what you dream with the other will become reality. Together with the Zimbabwe Republic Police Chaplaincy we […]

Triple S Centre of Hope

Our findings Triple S Centre of Hope came to our attention through our own Mr. Anyway Jacob who, after seeing and appreciating the work we were doing […]

ZRP Chaplaincy

The police are entrusted with preserving peace and order and protecting the public, but who looks after them? Our ZimWorx pastoral care team works with the Zimbabwe […]

Diet, Education and Sports.

It was yet another exciting day at Triple S, Centre of Hope on Sunday. The Zimworx team visited the children as a pledge and gesture of our […]

When a little goes a long way!

Mother Teresa once said “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of […]

Diet education and sports

It was yet another exciting day at Triple S, Centre of Hope on Sunday. The Zimworx team visited the children as a pledge and gesture of our […]

When a little goes a long way!

Mother Teresa once said “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of […]