Welcome To The
ZimWorX Family!

Congratulations on joining the ZimWorX family! We are happy that you are now part of our family and our goal is to help you feel at home. This page has all the resources you need to get started and you can refer to it any time.

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About ZimWorX

ZimWorX is an outsourcing company that provides qualified team members across all industry sectors. We invest in the lives and dreams of the talented people of Zimbabwe. We offer opportunities in accounting, marketing, finance, creative design, 2D and 3D animation, I.T. support, office administration, and more.

Working at ZimWorX

We have a WIN, WIN, WIN philosophy. This means that all our team members WIN by gaining employment, our clients WIN by reducing staffing costs and growing their business, and the ministry of God WINs by receiving support from the profits that our business makes.

Our company is unique, we work according to our clients’ time zones so make sure you familiarise yourself with these different time zones. You were chosen because we believe you make a great fit with our clients and we are here to support you in order to achieve your client’s goals.

You will be assigned an Accounts Resources Manager (ARM) to help you with all client-related issues and our Pastoral care team is available to help you with any personal issues.

Get to know the team

Get to know some of the team members that you will be working with.
JW Oliver Jr
Managing Partner - USA

Ken Sharpe
Partner - ZIM

John Awtry

Mike Johnson
We Support Ministries - GM USA

Nabeelah Jogee
HR Manager - ZIM

Maidei Mutiza
HR Admin - ZIM

Mary Chimowa

Caleb Juru
Account Resource Manager - ZIM

Barbara Chikwa
Account Resource Manager - ZIM

Lorraine Makhaza
Account Resource Manager - ZIM

Bright Shadaya
Account Resource Manager - ZIM

Samantha Hore
Account Resource Manager - ZIM

Cleopatra Sibve
Director of Customer Experience - ZIM

Tabetha Sheha
HR (Intern) - ZIM

Chido Musasiwa
Recruitment - ZIM

Winnie Ncube
Recruitment - ZIM

Sean Kaboti
Recruitment - ZIM

Martin Spencer
Accounting - ZIM

Michelle Manjengwa
Accounting - ZIM

Richard Chirangande
Accounting - ZIM

Mazvita Fusire
Accounting (Intern) -ZIM

Simbarashe Mtisi
Accounting (Intern) -ZIM

Jeff Filaseta
Director of Sales - USA

Brenda McNulty
Dental Director - USA

Rob Garber
VP Sales - USA

Chenge Maruziva
Business Development - ZIM

Samantha Murehwa
Business Development - ZIM

Morris Kahari
Business Development - ZIM

Takura F.A Chamanga
IT Manager - ZIM

Prosper Ngwenya

Innocent Murauro

Micheal Gowagowa

Geraldine Munyoro
IT (Intern) - ZIM

Nigel Chaitezvi
IT (Intern) - ZIM

Karl Salimu
Marketing Lead - ZIM

Tinashe Makoto
Audiovisual Platforms - ZIM

Daryl Oldenburg
Creative Director- USA

Miriam Nyakudzuka
Project Manager - ZIM

Wayne Kademaunga
Marketing Coordinator - ZIM

Bornwell Ndhlovu
Creative Designer - ZIM

Pamela Sillah
Web Developer - ZIM

Leonard Chinyama
Content Creator - ZIM

Elvis Kagoro
Marketing Coordinator - ZIM

Tichaona Mbofana
Content Creator (Intern) - ZIM

Antonio Bhebhe
Graphic Designer (Intern) - ZIM

Tinotenda Mhindu
Web Developer (Intern) - ZIM

Sam Muzivi
Pastoral Care - ZIM

Abel Makahamadze
Pastoral Care - ZIM

Emmanuel Chairuka
Transportation Manager - ZIM

Charles Maocha
Transportation - ZIM

Tinayi Makuwerere
Transportation - ZIM

Takunda Muteveri
Transportation - ZIM

Trevor Chitiga
Transportation - ZIM

Anyway Jacobs
Facilities Manager - ZIM

Tinashe Maringisanwa
Office Appeal - ZIM

Sarudzai Frakishoni
Office Appeal - ZIM

Byron Japoko
Office Appeal - ZIM

Theresa Toendepi
Office Appeal - ZIM

We are social

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Right now Media

ZimWorX is a Christian organization that is invested in helping team members grow spiritually. That is why we enable all our team members to sign up on RightNow media for FREE.

RightNow Media gives you access to an online library of over 8,000 self-guided video resources, including Bible studies, leadership videos, and children’s shows that you can stream instantly at any time on any device. To sum it up, it’s like the Netflix of Bible study videos.

Download the free RightNow Media app for your Apple or Android device to start streaming content on a variety of faith-based topics

Continuous Training & Development

We believe in continuous Training and Development for all our team members. We hold training sessions with internationally acclaimed Trainers and our team leaders also facilitate training sessions to help improve client satisfaction and even personal growth.


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