Dedicated Virtual teams vs Freelancers, which is better for you?

If businesses have learned anything in the past year it is the importance of remote working. Companies have adjusted to the move from on-site working to remote working and how it can yield the same results, sometimes even better.

Outsourcing stood out as the go-to for most companies as it offered professional support at a fraction of the cost. Many are still on the fence when it comes to outsourcing, they can’t decide whether they want to hire a dedicated virtual assistant or a freelancer? If you are one of these people, in this article we look at the pros and cons of both in a bid to help you decide what is best for you and your business.

Aren’t they doing the same thing?

Though they share a few elements they offer a completely different work experience. Freelancers, as the name suggests do not adhere to your set timeline but rather work on a timeline and platform that best suits them. They manage your business processes and work for more than one client.

Dedicated virtual assistants work for one client, exclusively and partner with that client to give them the work they desire their way in their time. You are kept in the control of your workflow and deadlines.

What do I need to know about hiring a freelancer?

They cost less

Freelancers are always looking to find more clients. This means they are easy to find and are flexible on their pricing. They are self-sufficient so you do not need to provide them with anything to get your job done.

Need no supervision

Freelancers are usually masters of their fields of knowledge. This means you do not need to supervise them as they have likely done this several times before. All you must do is outline what you need and when you need it then they do the rest.

They are not dedicated to you

This is the one downside to freelancers. They are not dedicated to you so they will focus their time and energy on the task they feel is a priority. Some reserve the right to discontinue a job at any given time.

They are not completely secure

Since freelancers work remotely, they reserve the right to keep their identities anonymous. This means whatever information you give them may not be completely secure. You need to confirm the identity of your freelancer and have drawn a legally binding contract to be safe.

What do I need to know about hiring a dedicated virtual team member?

Save on costs

You can get a dedicated team member at a fraction of the cost of an in-house staffer. This team member comes with all the office material and equipment they need to work and provide high-quality work.

Since they are dedicated to you, they will be focused on the work you give them only. In addition, they will be working solely for you, so you are in constant contact with them at every turn.

With a dedicated virtual team member, you can incorporate them into your existing team and have them become of the company work culture. This will make it easier for your team members to collaborate with your team on tasks. It is easier to establish a long-term working relationship with a dedicated virtual team member.

Which should you choose and why?

Business needs stability and efficiency. This means you need a person you can rely on to produce quality work on time every time. Whether you are working on a one-time project or need to have support for your team in the long term, we advise you pick a reliable service provider that you can hold accountable. We strongly recommend you go with dedicated virtual team members

This is not to say freelancers are not to be used at all. If you have a one-time job that you feel you don’t need to incorporate an individual completely into your team then by all means, consider freelancers. We feel you have a well-rounded experience with dedicated teams.


Dedicated teams make it possible for you to grow your business and get more time. Accomplish more of your personal and business goals when you have a team member that is on call when you need them.

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